First steps

So here it is, my first newsletter.
Just a bit of information about what is happening in my life, about my health and what direction my art is going.

I’m glad to announce that I became part of the Paper Artist Collective!

Its also my birthday today, so double the reason to celebrate!

My health seems to get better little by little, I’m on a strict diet, doing different exercises every day and it really seems to help. I’m far from being healthy but I’m grateful for every step.  There finally seems to be light at the and of this dark tunnel.
The Spring also helps, the weather is getting nicer and the sun always give me more energy.

My art is going great, I’m very happy my website is online.
I also have some new series coming, they will be for sale in the coming month!

I discovered that the paper I used in my first colored pieces is losing a bit of its color in the sun, I’m in search for better paper and I think I found a brand that fits my needs, I’m now in the process of testing them in the sun 😉

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  1. Hello Oscar, I really like your story and find your journey very interesting and wish you lots of joy.
    I would be interested in see some photos of your process and what your work space looks like. I would love to hear more of your trials and tribulations. Maybe this will better help me understand you. I am curious about your transition from the color paper to the the lined images, with you using your background and a backdrop. Take care and look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Dear Ronald,

      I only see your post now, sorry about that.
      Thank you for your support, especially the last couple of weeks!
      Since I have a little more time now 😉 I will have more time to spend on my work but also on social media and my blog.
      My goal is to post here regularly, write down what the meaning is behind the pieces and the feelings surrounding it.
      I also plan to make more work in progress pictures and when the time is right a video.

      I hope you will like it!

      Thanks again!


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