The Bull

Pablo Picasso, an inspiration for everyone who touches art. Anyone who loves creating. For many people who want to live life and I hope not for people who want to love. He wasn’t the best person to love, I can imagine. Although that is not necessarily true, there is probably no one more in love with creating than Picasso was in his lifetime.

The bull, one of Picasso’s favorite subjects. His first known drawing was one of bull fighting, a “sport” he enjoyed his whole life.
He often drew or painted himself as a Minotaur, a human body with the head of a bull, sometimes aggressively making love with one of his muses.

In celebration of his Birthday I made four new posters.
I made this bull a couple of months ago inspired by a scene from ‘Visit to Picasso’, a documentary by Paul Haesaert. At that time I was only making abstract work and I wanted to challenge myself to draw a bull in as little lines as possible. I needed 10 lines, thats 10 more in comparison to Picasso.
Today, 136 years ago Pablo was born.
The Posters are available in my shop!

– Oscar Herodo